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Wed Feb 19th, 2020 01:41:14 UTC

Enflight - Enabling Safe Flight

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Enflight is an aviation flight planning and weather briefing service like no other.

Every pilot is aware of the mantra that instructors and the FAA have been preaching for years -- Safety through Personal Minimums . Enflight is the only preflight breifing system that helps the GA pilot establish and enforce their own personal minimums.

Enflight shows the weather situation as it matters to you. You tell the system about your personal minimums and Enflight color-codes its displays and information accordingly. At a glance you can see when deteriorating weather conditions might be an issue given your individual abilities and limits. Other websites repackage commonly available government forecasts, but only Enflight shows what they mean to you.

Enflight's many loyal customers will tell you that "free" ain't necessarily cheap. Flying is already expensive enough, but the small cost of an Enflight subscription will more than pay for itself in time saved, money saved on charts and fuel, and peace of mind in the air.

The unique 'clockface' spiral forecast described in the video is a graphical representation of a TAF. Enflight's software translates the forecast and compares it against your personal minimums to determine the color for each part of the forecast. It then lays these colors out along the spiral -- which is to say in the dimension of time -- so you can easily see how changes in the forecast impact you. (It's a spiral because some NOAA forecasts are for more than 24 hours.)

Only Enflight can show you the forecast like this -- customized and overlaid right onto the sectional along your proposed route. But it also has all the capabilities that you would expect from an online flight planner. And some you might not expect:

  • Enflight allows you to print (on your own printer), download as PDF, or Email seamless FAA Sectional, WAC, TAC, Enroute, and Flyways charts, with pages automatically laid out along your route of flight or for any area of the country you choose. No one else does this. This alone could recoup the cost of your subscription.

  • Relative fuel pricing -- each FBO is assigned a rating relative to the average prices of other FBOs over the last few months.

  • Accurate modeling of the performance of your aircraft, resulting in a kneeboard log you can use in the cockpit. Smart automatic routing using FAA preferred routes.

  • Route rubberbanding for on-the-chart planning changes, as well as search (e.g. airports, VORs and RCOs within a certain distance.) All airways and waypoints, TFRs, and SUAs can be overlaid, as well as NEXRAD radar.

  • Sorted and filtered NOTAMs (again, using personal criteria). Approach plates, weather graphics, A/FD info (linked to the map), and integration with Google Earth.

  • For IFR pilots: TAF spirals and other weather can be superimposed on an IFR chart, and Victor airways can be superimposed on a sectional. You can also overlay predicted GPS/RAIM outages.

  • Direct upload of flight plans to Garmin handheld GPS\'s (as well as some others).

  • And of course, filing your flightplan with the FAA.

  • If you opt for Enflight Mobile, you can also use Enflight from your PDA/mobile phone, with displays customized for smaller screens. Flight planning, personal minimums weather briefing, and filing/canceling of flight plans is fully supported.

    The best way to see how the system will work for you is to sign up for a

    Free Trial

    For 30 days, new customers can file flight plans, print sectionals print approach plates, and get legal weather briefings without spending a dime. Use the offer code EXEC30.

    We\'ve worked hard to make Enflight the very best flight planner and weather briefer possible. We understand that some of our competitors' sites are ad-supported. But as we said before, "Free ain\'t necessarily cheap." We hope that you\'ll give Enflight a good workout during your 30-day trial, and that afterwards, you'll agree that it's worth every penny.

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