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Wed Feb 19th, 2020 01:41:37 UTC

Welcome to the Enflight Release of January 2012!
You will find the system MUCH FASTER because we are once again serving charts on 5 servers.

Our latest system has converted all our charts to the 'Google projection' epsg:3857. For this reason we have had to discontinue supporting our older system which we were making available for pilots who preferred the older interface. All our charts have to be in the same projection and the old system was not compatible. We think the latest interface is a great improvement, but if there are any difficulties please let us know and we will be happy to help you get the best out of Enflight or improve the interface for you.

We have fixed a number of bugs including the TFR misregistration bug, and a bug which exited the chart page if you typed an unrecognized identifier in the search box.
Welcome to Enflight 2011!
The Enflight release for November, 2011 introduces accordion menus for the chart controls and eliminates the 'layer switcher.' It adds some new landing pages and fixes a number of bugs. It increases the uniformity of all our pages. Please let us know if you have any problems.
Enflight 2011 introduces new chart types, more general printing and download, a greatly improved interface, and many more features (with more on the way in the near future).
These are the highlights:


View WAC (World Aeronautical Chart) and TAC (Terminal Area Chart) layers
Use the new base layer selection check boxes on the chart window. Sec+TAC+WAC automatically switches between the various charts, or you can select a single chart type with the WACs, TACs or Sectionals check boxes. Sorry, printing is still limited to sectionals, but not for long.

Search the map for Airports, VORs, Airways, TFRs, RCOs, and SUAs
Click the query button on the map display and drag over an area to search. Get a list of nearby information and click on the pop-up for more detail. More information types will be coming soon.

Modify your route by rubber-banding.
Click the 'Modify' button on the window, and you can drag your route wherever you want. Then click away and your flightplan will be recalculated to reflect the new route. This capability still needs some more features, but it's handy.


Upload Route to GPS:
You can now send your route of flight directly to a GPS! The Enflight GPS Uploader is completely compatible with Garmin 296, 396, 496 handheld GPS connected with a USB connection. The .gpx route file is also downloadable and can be loaded onto other GPS brands through other software. This feature can be accessed after planning your flight using the Flight Planner page. There is a link titled "Send Route to GPS." Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Integrated View:
The kneeboard and sectional charts can now be integrated into a side-by-side view for getting your flight planning done faster. Choose the option "Integrated(Both)" as your selection for the "Plan Display Mode" field.

Print Sectionals:
The chart sectionals can now be saved as .pdf files and downloaded to your computer for easy printing. Click the "Get PDF of Chart" button which will show rectangular orange overlays, representing one printed page. Click "Generate PDF Pages as shown" to begin printing sectionals.

View Victor Airway Charts:
A map of the Victor Airways is available for use with IFR flight planning. Hover over airways and intersections to view more information about them. From any flight viewed on a Chart or Integrated mode, select the "Victor Airways" radio button option as the "Base Layer" instead of "Sectionals" which is selected by default.

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