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Wed Feb 19th, 2020 01:41:57 UTC
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Personal Minimums Analysis with “At-A-Glance” graphics
NXPert ® NOTAM Analysis
 !  Boston MA (General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl) [BOS]: November NOTAM #88
Runway NOTAM: Runway 15R / 33L closed between north (N) runway 9/27, taxiway lima (L) until November 07th, 2011 at 06:00 PM EST
 ?  Nantucket MA (Nantucket Memorial) [ACK]: September NOTAM #18
Runway NOTAM: Runway 33 visual approach slope indicator (VASI) out of service
 o  Portland ME (Portland Intl Jetport) [PWM]: October NOTAM #4
Runway NOTAM: Runway 36 personnel and equipment working 250 to 600 ft. south runway 36 threshhold daylight weekdays
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WXPert ® Forecast Analysis
Rochester NY (Greater Rochester Intl) [KROC]
Issued on the 11th at 6:36am EST (1136Z), valid from the 11th at 7am EST (12Z) through the 12th at 7am EST (12Z)
  7am EST (12Z)wind 250° at 8 knots, visibility greater than 6 miles, 5,000 feet scattered
  9:00am EST (1400Z)wind 280° at 16 knots gusting to 24 knots, visibility greater than 6 miles, showers in the vicinity, 4,000 feet broken
  4:00am EST (0900Z)wind 200° at 10 knots, visibility greater than 6 miles, 5,000 feet broken, wind shear from surface to 2,000 feet AGL: at 2,000 feet, wind 250° at 40 knots.
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What’s New? Better Charts

The FAA has at long last moved to an entirely digital workflow. Previously, the digital versions were made by actually scanning a printed paper chart. The new charts look significantly better than the old.

iPad App

We are hard at work on a native iPad app for in-cockpit use. In the meantime, the website is quite useable on most tablets, but requires an internet connection.


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