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''I want to compliment you on the enflight web interface. I was introduced to your product by the Cirrus factory when I picked up my Cirrus in 2004. The product was the best I had seen, and it has only gotten better and better. There is no question in my mind that you have the best pilot weather briefing and flight planning product on the web.''
-- Dr. Alex Soffici

Enflight is a personalized flight planning tool for general aviation that reduces information overload, speeding you to well-informed decisions. Enflight analyzes relevant preflight information using your own personal minimums, to save time and eliminate oversights for a safer and more enjoyable flight.

Enflight's mission is to make flying safer, easier, and more enjoyable for pilots. Enflight specializes in assisting the pilot before the flight starts and after it lands.

A safe flight begins well before the aircraft taxis out onto the runway. Enflight's systems give all pilots an up-to-date, easy-to-use source of critical flight information via the World Wide Web.

Currently, Enflight technology is available through Enflight's own site enflight.com and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC, formerly DynCorp, GTE, and CONTEL) DUATS. Enflight's own site contains a number of breakthrough technologies that are not available on the DUATS site, including our patent-pending WXpert Weather Expert and NXpert NOTAM Expert.

Enflight Technologies

Enflight Flight Planning System

The most widely used route planner in general aviation, Enflight's flight planning system is used by pilots of aircraft ranging from single-engine piston aircraft to transport jets. The system is designed to get a flight into the air rapidly, using advanced technology including highly optimized automatic route selection, simple aircraft performance profiles, modeling the effect of airborne winds on flight performance, and a pilot-friendly flight log format.

Altitude-sensitive aircraft profiles and automatic searching of FAA preferred and coded routes are key features of Enflight's Flight Planner that are available only on enflight.com.

Enflight Plain Language Weather System

Enflight's plain language weather system produces easy-to-read English and tabular translations of the cryptic coded weather reports provided by the National Weather Service and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Aviation safety is improved by making it easy for the pilot to concentrate on understanding the weather briefing, rather than decoding the abbreviations.

Our patent-pending "expert" technology lets you customize your weather briefings to meet your own personal needs, and allow the pilot to scan and rapidly evaluate tens of pages of weather briefing and notices to airmen.

Enflight Web Interface to DUATS

Enflight's interface gives pilots a user-friendly interface on the World Wide Web to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) DUATS (formerly DynCorp, GTE, and CONTEL), and offers improved flight planning and plain language weather capabilities. The Web interface integrates Enflight's flight planning and plain language weather systems to provide pilots with faster response time, superior integration, and easier-to-read weather briefings.

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Articles about Enflight

Enflight has been getting some great reviews lately for making flight planning faster, easier, and safer.
View an article by Master Flight Instructor Mike Coligny to see his extensive review of Enflight.

Our system is undergoing constant improvements based on your suggestions.
View our 2011 Brochure or view our 2008 Brochure to read about our latest new features and an overview on what Enflight can do for you.

Enflight's Partners

CSC Information Systems - Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS)

CSC DUATS is the most widely-used provider of on-line aviation weather data, flight planning, and flight plan filing services. The DUAT service is provided to U.S. pilots at no charge to the pilot under contract to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. CSC DUATS is used by general aviation, corporate, charter, and airline pilots for weather briefing, flight planning, and filing flight plans with the FAA. The character mode version of DUATS has been operational since 1990.

Enflight technology has been an integral part of the DUATS system since 1991, when our Plain Language Weather technology was licensed by Contel (later purchased by GTE, as GTE was purchased by DynCorp, and DynCorp by Computer Sciences Corporation, CSC) and integrated as a part of the system. The Enflight Flight Planner was made available as part of DUATS beginning in 1992. Well over 300,000 pilots regularly use Enflight's technology to make their flying easier and safer.

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