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Wed Feb 19th, 2020 01:39:21 UTC

A special offer for SAFE members and their students.

Plan, Brief, File, and Fly with Enflight!! - Your Primary Source for Preflight Planning

A corporate partner of SAFE, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, enflight.com provides the most advanced flight planning web service available. As the original developers of DUATS, enflight has continuously improved its product, offering a premium subscription service for 10 years with a completely different interface. Everything that enflight.com offers is designed to increase safety, save time, and cut through information overload, to give you the fastest, most complete, legal briefing possible.

Unique to enflight.com is the personal minimums briefing. That means enflight.com analyzes the weather for you according to the personal minimums you select, and color codes the briefing so that potential problems, based on the way you fly, are highlighted. Being alerted to those areas of the briefing that fall outside your minimums, helps you avoid data overload. It lets you focus on the difficult issues in the briefing, if there are any. You can read an enflight briefing in a fraction of the time it takes to read a conventional briefing.

Most important, an Enflight briefing is a tremendous enhancement to flight safety for all pilots. The personal minimums briefing is an innoculation against get-home-itis. It contributes to a feeling of confidence because you will know you haven't missed anything and can make truly informed decisions. The personal minimums briefing is particularly important for students, to whom it teaches the meaning and value of personal minimums.

Enflight saves money by providing the most convenient and useful fuel pricing information available, and by allowing you to print sectionals and approach plates right on your printer at no additional cost. You will also be able to print Enroute charts soon.

Enflight offers 2 versions, web and mobile. Enflight Web works on any conventional web browser. Enflight Mobile works on almost any portable networked PDA or smart phone.

Enflight is providing SAFE members with a special offer that will allow you to try enflight.com free for 60 days with no obligation. You pay the special subscription rate of $99.95 per year for web or $149.95 for the combination of web and mobile. Just use the special offer code SAFE60 when you sign up.

Enflight will also make it possible for SAFE members to pass these savings on to their students. Contact us to receive your personal special offer code. In any month you have 10 or more students signed up, your enflight account receives a free bonus month!

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